Team Development and Coaching

Every member of a team brings their attributes and passion to the table. When there is alignment there is the potential for tremendous productivity and accomplishment. Where there is no alignment there is chaos and possible failure.

I use assessment tools such as, Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0, DISC Personality Assessment and Prosci Organizational Change Management to help teams identify ways to improve their alignment and focus on the mission. Using principles of coaching, together we will create a stronger environment of collaboration, enhancing the opportunity for greater success.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Development

Leading today’s workforce has unique challenges. Millennials and Generation Z workers are motivated by different drivers than previous generations. Entrepreneurial Leadership is a way to harness those drivers to get results. I coach Executive Leaders and Operational Supervisors on how to develop an environment that enhances empowerment, accountability and pride in product and service.

Driving Change in the Organization

With technological changes, competition and client demands, every organization is vulnerable to a lack of response in a fast pace world. Those that are the most successful embrace change as a tool for evolving and developing into the most effective, responsive organization they can be. Is your organization ready? Can you identify individuals that are ready to accept the challenges that come with change? Can you identify individuals that resist change and give you every reason why a “new way of doing things” won’t work? As your coach, I help bring leadership, managers and workers together and develop an ability to see change as a way to success.

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